Professional Team

Our School has a strong and professional Student Support Team to nurture every aspect of students' life.


We highly value the continuous development of teachers and students. To ensure the professional support in the school development, we have a team of consultants who are experienced in different fields in education. They regularly review various plans with us, as well as give suggestions on the results and provide consultation.

Educational Psychologist

With the support of our school based Educational Psychologist, our Guidance Team will not only develop and implement individual and group counselling services but also promote the availability of consultation and assessment services in the identification, drafting and implementation of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for students with special needs.

School Nurse

Our School Nurse is not only dedicated to caring for the physical needs and health of students, but also helping our students to develop knowledge and positive attitudes towards health related issues, including diseases, personal hygiene, eating habits, nutrition, exercises and sexual health.

Social Workers

Our Social Workers work closely with our Guidance Team to provide group and individual counselling services to students. They will also conduct social activities, provide consultation service to parents and teachers, and organise parent education programmes. We strongly encourage parents to actively communicate and partner with our Professional Team to provide the best support for student development.

Senior Consultant (Further Studies)
Dr. Robert Lam
Senior Consultant (E-Learning and Teachers’ Professional Development)
Prof. Alex Fung
Consultant (Teaching)
Mr. Yeung Siu Wing
Educational Psychologist
Ms. Hui Chui Ha
School Nurse
Ms. Kan Kit Yan
Social Worker (Secondary School)
Ms. So Hoi Man
Social Worker (Primary School)
Mr. Wong Chun Yin
Social Worker (Primary School)
Ms. Sung Yi Wun