2021-22 Grade One Admission

Posted Date: 14/08/2020

2021-2022 Grade One First Round Interview

Due to health and safety concerns about COVID-19, the 2021-2022 Grade One First Round Interview will be replaced by video and portfolio submission. Parents please login to the online application system for video and portfolio submission details. Shortlisted candidates for the Second Round Interview will be announced through the online system in December 2020.

Posted Date: 01/05/2020

Arrangement for 2021-22 Grade One Admission
For parents who would like to apply for Grade One places for the academic year 2021-22, please complete the online application from the link below and submit the required documents simultaneously.

Grade One Admission Application Schedule:


Specific Date

Online System


1. Complete online application & upload necessary documents

May 25, 2020
12:00 n.n.


July 5, 2020
12:00 n.n.


Click to enter Online Application System

  • Applicants can complete the online application and upload necessary documents from 12:00 n.n. on May 25, 2020 (Monday) to 12:00 n.n. on July 5, 2020 (Sunday).


2. First round of  interview


Click to enter Online Application System

  • Applicants can check the time for the First Round of Interviews through the online enquiry system from mid-August to late-August.
  • Rescheduling of the interview would not be entertained. Please reserve the above dates.

3. Second round of interview


Click to enter Second Interview Enquiry System

  • Applicants can check the result of the First Round Interviews and the time for the Second Round Interviews through the online enquiry system from mid-October.

  • Rescheduling of the interview would not be entertained. Applicant and his/her parent(s) need to reserve the above dates for the Second Round of Interviews.

  • Second Round of Interviews are applicable to shortlisted applicants only

4. Announcement of final application result


Click to enter Result Enquiry System

  • Applicants can check the final result of G1 Admissions through the online enquiry system from mid-November.

*In case of any unpredictable events that affect the Grade One Admission Application Schedule, the school will inform parents through the registered email or SMS.

Interview Content:

There will be group interviews and individual interviews in the first round of interviews.

We are looking for candidates with good

1. social skills

2. communication skills

3. self-management

4. command of age-appropriate language level and

5. curiosity as well as eagerness to learn

Eligible families will be invited for the second round of interview in October and November. In this round, we focus more on the parent-child relationship, parental support and alignment with A-School vision.


1. There is a 15% upper limit for the admission of Shatin residents.

2. As a through-train Primary to Secondary school, we do not provide internal examinations for the purpose of the Hong Kong Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) process.

Kindergarten Principal’s Nomination Scheme for Financially Disadvantaged Students
Notes to Applicants
Nomination Form

Should you have any enquiries, please contact us via e-mail at

Scholarship/Financial Assistance

Needy students, including those from families receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and those receiving financial assistance provided by the Student Finance Office, could apply and be eligible for school fee remission. Besides, we welcome students who have noteworthy performance in sports, music, performing arts, visual arts, services, leadership or academic excellence to apply for our scholarship. The application forms and details of our Scholarship and Financial Assistance Schemes can be found on our school website ( Hard copies of application forms and related information are also available at our school office. If you would like to apply for your child, please submit the application form and other related documents on the day of registration.

School Information Brochure

Data Privacy Notice:

1. All private data related to the Admission Process shall be handled in full compliance of all HK laws, ordinances, and EDB guidelines.

2. All the information submitted in the Application Form and other attachments will be used only for the admission purposes. All admission data of those unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed after the admission process is completed.

3. All documents submitted for the admission process will not be returned.