Liberal Studies

Curriculum Objectives

Liberal Studies is a core subject under New Senior Secondary Curriculum which senior students are required to study. The uniqueness of the subject is to develop students’ independent learning as well as transdisciplinary thinking skills. It enables students to make connections among different disciplines, examine issues from a variety of perspectives, and construct personal knowledge of immediate relevance to themselves in today’s world.

The aims of the curriculum are to enable students:

  • To equip with a wide range of knowledge and realize personal, social, national and global issues.
  • To be a learned and responsible citizen, with strong national identity and global vision.
  • To respect cultural diversity and perspectives and think critically and independently.
  • To master the information technology and other skills required for life-long learning.

Curriculum Framework

The subject consists of six modules as follows:


  • Module 1 Personal Growth and Interpersonal Relationship
  • Module 2 Hong Kong Today


  • Module 3 Modern China
  • Module 5 Public Health
  • Module 6 Energy Technology and Environment


  • Module 4 Globalization

Liberal Studies provides opportunities for students to explore issues relevant to the human condition in a wide range of contexts. The course enables students to understand the contemporary world and its pluralistic nature. 

  • For the sake of catering for learner diversity, Liberal Studies is divided into Chinese and English Groups. Grade 10 students can apply for the English Group according to their interest and ability. 
  • Apart from normal school days, students can also attend tutorial classes after school. 
  • Teachers also design school-based teaching materials such as cross-module issues for different students’ needs besides textbooks. 
  • The outstanding examples of Independent Enquiry Study project in past exams will be compiled into a booklet to let students fully understand various research methods.
  • Students also have the opportunity to participate in the debate once a term to train their self-directed learning skills and critical thinking skills.

Students’ Achievements

  • Students have been recognized in various inter-school competitions including:
  • Joint Committee for The Promotion of The Basic Law of Hong Kong 
  • The 13th Basic Law Debating Competition (Basic Law Cup)
  • The Law Society of Hong Kong 
  • Teen Talk – “Decoding Privacy” -  The Best Speaking Team and New Territories East Champion
  • Education Bureau and Consumer Council 
  • The 15th Consumer Culture Study Award - Special Recognition Award and Special Recognition (Topic) Award
  • Hong Kong Art Centre 
  • The 19th ifva Awards Youth Category Enthusiastic Award
  • Hok Yau Club

The 22nd Students’ Top Ten News Election - News Commentary Competition (Senior Chinese Section) 1st runner-up

The 22nd Students’ Top Ten News Election - News Commentary Competition (Senior Chinese Section) 1st runner-up

Diversified Learning Activities 

A-School organizes various extra-curricular activities to encourage students to learn outside classroom. The most noticeable event is the Liberal Studies Excursion.

Great Bay Area Excursion

The purpose of organizing this cross-grade excursion is to provide learning opportunities for students so as to enhance their knowledge on the latest development of China. By joining this excursion, students will acquire project learning skills which facilitate them to conduct Liberal Studies’ Independent Enquiry Study report.

Great Bay Area Excursion

Liberal Studies Club

Students from different grades will be recruited to join the Liberal Studies Club for the sake of deepening their understanding of the subject. Experiential learning is one of the ways to deepen their learning. Fire Dragon Workshop hosted by the Educational Bureau and the Conservancy Association is an example. Students realized the origin of Tai Hang fire dragon and created fire dragons under the supervision of Mr. CHAN Tak Fai, the sole inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage.

Through visiting the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, students understood the laws of Hong Kong. They also have opportunities to join the Mock Court Competition to act as the judges, lawyers and suspects under lawyers’ guidance and understand the core value of law and its importance to the development of Hong Kong. 
Students joined the activity hosted by the Oxfam to experience poverty in Hong Kong. They need to use 30 dollars to buy meals for a day and thus understand the daily life conditions of low-income families. 

The Club cooperated with the Greeners Action to encourage students to reduce food waste. Students need to collect discarded fresh vegetables from wet markets and give them to the disadvantaged to reduce the amount of waste as well as to help the needy.

Liberal Studies ClubLiberal Studies ClubLiberal Studies Club

Liberal Studies Week

A wide range of whole-school activities are held during the Liberal Studies Week every October:

  • Inter-Chamber Debate Competition provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their critical thinking and communication skills. Students tried their best to defend their stances to win the competition for their chambers. 
  • Students can reflect deeply on current social issues by attending the movie appreciation.  Besides, through playing the Liberal Studies Chess, students can understand different social issues such as poverty and sustainable development.
  • During the classic event - Running LS, students wearing smart and colourful caps visited different check points around the campus to answer the questions set by their teachers.

Liberal Studies WeekLiberal Studies WeekLiberal Studies Week