Fee Remission Estimator

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Total Family Members:

Single-parent Families:

Annual Family Income of the Applicant Yearly Amount (HK$)
From employment
From business
From investment
From properties
From all other sources
Less: Rental/mortgage interest payment of principal family residence


Assets of the Applicant & Spouse Yearly Amount (HK$)
Bank deposits (including off-shore accounts)
All properties owned (excluding the value of the family's principal residnce)
Stocks/bonds/mutual funds/saving plans/alternative investments
All other assets owned (car,valuable antiques, etc.)
Less: Outstanding mortgages of other properties
Less: First $1,000,000 (1,000,000.00)


Please note: This Fee Remission Estimator is based on the family's reported annual income and general assets assessment per our board approved policy. The final outcome will be based on the submitted documentation per application. The school has the sole discretion in granting any Fee Remission and the amount thereof and the decision of the school is final