26 Jan 2018
Students’ Achievements – 3rd Runner-up in Robot Soccer Challenge 2018

On January 20, 2018, A-School students from Primary Division participated in the Robot Soccer Challenge 2018 (Season 1, Exploration Group), which 3C Tsang Siu Hang and 4E Law Chun Hei got the 3rd runner-up. They used around 4 lessons (7 hours) to make up their robot. At first, students encountered some difficulties that the robot could not run very fast and could not hold the ball when running. After repeated trials, they changed larger wheels to make the robot runs faster. They also made use of a motor and attached two tyres on both sides so that the robot can hold the ball. Although there were still rooms for students to improve, they tried their best applying the STEM skills to build the robot. In this competition, they also developed the problem-solving skill and communication skill.