February 8, 2018


Liberal Arts Week – Primary Division


The Liberal Arts Week of Primary Division concluded successfully with laughters! The topic of this year is “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. We hope to raise the awareness and interest of the students on this unfamiliar topic by joining different activities and performances, like Martial Arts, Chinese Opera and Acrobatics. Students also tried a lot traditional Hong Kong food, such as Traditional Candy & Coconut Wrap, Dragon Beard Candy, Ding Ding Candy, Put Chai Ko, Aeroplane Olive, Hong Kong Style Milk Tea and Herbal Tea. There was an exhibition about Cheung Chau Bun Festival, The Dragon Boat Water Parade of Tai O, Hungry Ghost (Yu Lan) Festival and Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance. Workshops were included as well, students learn how to make knots, how to craft figurine by using dough and how to make grasshoppers by leaves. Students made their wishes and put them onto the Wishing Tree. There are 480 items of intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong, excluding the world-class levels and international levels, it was really hard to cover them all within the Liberal Arts Week. The participation of the students was enthusiastic, which was totally unexpected. We hope our students can pay more attention on this topic, and protect our unique traditions.