22 August 2018

2018-19 Grade One New Students Latest News


Parent can purchase school uniform and textbooks of new academic year, order September lunch
and register school bus service at our school. Parents or appointed person can bring along with
for the services. Details are as follows:

                        Date:   Thursday & Friday, 12 & 13 July, 2018

                        Time:  10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.

The relevant documents are attached. Parents can download or collect them at “Grade One New
Students Counter” on Registration Days.

  1. Notes for New Grade One Students
  2. Primary School Uniform Requirements & Kingkow's Contact(updated)
  3. Uniform Order Form & Size Specification
  4. Purchase of Primary School House Tee
  5. Textbook Order Form and Relevant Arrangement
    The textbook order form will be distributed on Registration Days.
  6. School Bus Route, Payment Arrangement and Registration Form for School Bus Service
    Parents can directly ask the school bus company about the payment arrangement on the Registration Days.
  7. The September Lunch Order Form
  8. Electronic Payment Issue (ePayment)
  9. Electronic Payment Account Set Up Procedures
  10. Enrollment of 2018-19 After School Paid Courses
    (Parents have to reply on or before 19 June, 2018)
  11. Name List of 2018-19 After School Paid Courses
  12. School Bus Service Application Form of After School OLE Activities
  13. Guardian Information Updated Form
  14. Letter of Immunization Record
  15. G.1 Class List


For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Chan, Office Administrator, at 2636 7303.