5 October 2018

Exchange Programme in Japan’s Nara

To tie in with A-School’s continuing focus on broadening students’ horizons and fostering global citizenship, four primary and four secondary students took part in an exchange programme in Asuka-mura (明日香村) in Nara Prefecture, Japan in end September. Asuka, an ancient capital of Japan in about 500 AD, has preserved many historical sites. Our students visited Shotoku Junior High School and Asuka Primary School, a through-train school just like A-School. 

During the visit, our primary students studied together with their Japanese buddies, including Japanese calligraphy to understand its beauty and cultural importance, as well as doing needlework to sew handkerchiefs.    The visit was reported by a local TV station.  

In addition to joining normal lessons, our secondary students participated in the sports day practice. Trying obstacle race for the first time, they enjoyed the race very much with the warm cheer from the local students.   To follow the practice of Japanese students to clean the school campus, our students tidied up the sports ground after practice by weeding the tracks. What a special moral and civic education lesson to them.

This exchange programme has successfully promoted a deeper appreciation of Japanese culture and offered an opportunity for our students to build friendship with the Japanese youth.