24 November 2018

Outward Exchange Programme --- Beijing Yucai School

Following the visit by the Beijing Yucai School in early November, a delegate of A-School comprising six G6 students and two teachers arrived Beijing and carried out 7-day exchange programme in Yucai School in the middle of the month.   

During the period, our students attended Chinese, foreign languages and mathematics classes together with Yucai students. Our students were very passionate in asking and answering questions. They also worked together with the Beijing buddies in the foreign language class to solve problems.  Students also visited the art centre and used the natural coloring to dye their self-designed scarves.  The DIY collectible with unique pattern fully displayed students’ ingenuity. 

In addition, more than 100 students from two schools went to the Beijing Science Centre to enjoy the exhibition whose theme was "Life, Alive, Live" to study the close relationship between science and life.  A guide tour was arranged with detailed explanation by the well-known aerospace science educator for teens, Mr. Jin Sheng.  He introduced the development of China's space science and technology in an easy-to-understand way, which inspired students' interest in the cosmic starry sky.

The warm hospitality extended by Yucai School brought a rewarding trip to our students.