17 December 2018

Grade 1 Experiential Learning Days

During December 5 to 7, while G2-6 students had summative (term-end) assessments, the youngest members of A-School, our first graders, spent enjoyable three days immersing in experiential learning.

While continuous formative assessments remain an integral part of our Grade One curriculum, time-bound summative assessments have limited impact on evaluating learners as young as six years old. To this end, we have replaced the summative assessments for G1 with Experiential Learning Days where children not just gain subject knowledge, but also develop 21st century skills such as cooperation, collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking through a range of hands-on activities. 

On Day 1, parents and students had a wonderful morning engaging in Sports Fun games, Chinese game booths, and an interactive storytelling session. It was fun for the children to enjoy a shared morning tea with their parents and friends. On the second day, the entire grade came together to work on an Amazing Maze project led by the STEAM team. The Experiential Learning Days ended with Music and Visual Arts activities. The children enjoyed musical games and practised for their Christmas carols with support from parents. Much to their delight, all the first graders learned doodling techniques in the Visual Arts session to trace family portraits and teachers’ portraits, all with the aim of learning to show appreciation for the people in their lives.

All in all, a wonderful learning experience was had by all in the Grade 1 Experiential Learning Days!