19 April, 2019


<<Grade 6 Outward Bound Youth Explorer Training Camp>>

The 4-day Outward Bound Youth Explorer Training Camp kicked off on March 12, 2019. It has highlighted a stepping stone for all A-School Grade 6 students to be promoted to the Secondary Division next year and better prepare them to embrace the new chapter in Grade 7 with independence and collaboration skills.

The In the camp, students showed their enthusiastic participation in the naturally vibrant outdoor environment. They took their courage to step out of their comfort zone to complete many challenging adventure activities.

Apart from the exciting outdoor activities, our sixth graders learned the tactics of planning and co-operation by showing care, support and encouragement in a respectful manner to solve problems together. Character growth is cultivated whilst self-understanding and self-confidence have been strengthened. Looking forward all Sixth Graders to keeping up the positive attitude in the secondary school life which will be commenced soon.