29 April, 2019


<<Shenzhen STEM Day Tour>>

Fourteen Grade 6 students joined a day tour to Shenzhen on March 26, 2019 to participate in the Smart City Induction Trip organized by the EDB.

The trip is one of the events of the Smart City Project Programme. It aims at helping students integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired from STEM Education, through which they will be able to suggest innovative ways to realise the ideas of Smart City in the development of their home, school, community and city environment.

The students visited Shenzhen Industrial Museum, Shenzhen Reform and Opening-up Exhibition Hall and Hytera, a manufacturer of radio transceivers and radio systems. Through touring around the city, students gained more insights on the latest development of innovative technology companies in Shenzhen. The eye-opening visit would allow them to incorporate the creative ideas into their project exhibition of the theme “Smart Living” for primary schools.