8 May, 2019


<<Parent Forums of Primary Division>>

Two Parent Forums were successfully held in March, 2019 which received lots of encouraging feedback.

The topic of Grade 1 to 4 Parent Forum was “Understand the Meaning of Accomplishment through Music”. Music teachers exchanged views with parents on how to encourage children and build up their grit through learning music. Ms. An Ling, a pianist and music educator and was invited to give her invaluable insights on this aspect.

The Grade 5 to 6 Parent Forum focused on “Handling Changes in Young Adults”, with Ms. Connie Au, the Clinical Practicum Supervisor and Part-time Lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, talked about how to read the heart of children, give effective feedback and promote mutual relationships through the Satir model.

Each forum attracted about 100 parents, during which they actively interacted with the speakers and involved in the discussion. Parent Forums not only provides further opportunities of having mutual dialogue with parents and the school, but also allows parents to have a deeper understanding of the students’ needs during their childhood development.