10 June, 2019


<<Language Week of Primary Division>>

The Language Week of Primary Division, held from May 14 to 17, 2019, aims to provide a platform for students to explore the joy in learning English and other foreign languages outside the classrooms. The theme this year was "Around the World in 4 Days". Not only were there game booths in the atrium, each grade also had mind-blowingly fun activities during English lessons!

To adhere to the theme of "Around the World in 4 Days", four booths on continents and countries were set up at the atrium during lunch recess. Booth USA for a descriptive game of Big TV, Booth Europe for a fast-paced draw-and-guess game of Pictionary, Booth Africa for a hilarious tongue twister challenge and Booth Australia where students can redeem a scrumptious piece of Fairy Bread after visiting all the other booths. An additional photo booth was also set up for students to take pictures with some wacky masks representing the four continents and countries! The Language Week fun continued during English lessons with activities carefully thought out by the English Team - Jeopardy Labs, Robert Munsch Kahoot, Spelling Bee, Book Speed Dating, Cooking with Chocolate and Escape Game!

For two days, the Middle School students stayed at the SS atrium during lunch recess to join wonderful third language activities organised by the SS teachers. Activities included origami, calligraphy, board games and Japanese fan-making! The Middle School students participated in the activities wholeheartedly.