26 August, 2019


<<Orientation Day of Primary Division >>

To help new students and their parents adapt to the new school environment, New Student Orientation Day cum Parents’ Orientation were arranged for G1 and G2 to G6 on 27-28 August and 26 Aug, 2019 respectively.

Parallel sessions were arranged for parents and students through which they could understand more about the school life in September. In addition to the briefing on curriculum and student development highlights, tailor-made programmes were arranged for parents of various grades. For G1 parents, a thematic reading seminar delivered by internet personality of English education Uncle Siu was provided to share tips on how to read with rhythm and intonation. For G2 to G4 and G5 to G6 parents, ensemble lessons, and talks on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and third language programme were held respectively.

New students attended a campus tour to familiarize themselves with A-School environment. It was good for them to meet each other and get used to the school routine before school begins. In addition, they also had their first taste of lesson in A-School. G1 parents were especially invited to join with their kids to experience and know more about the learning atmosphere in A-School.

The orientation programmes definitely provided a very good opportunity for new students and parents to get a taste of the upcoming fruitful and exciting primary school life. Overwhelming positive feedback and responses were received. Parents were inspired by the positive education approach in A-School and looking forward to the Parent Education Academy’s parenting events and home-school activities to be arranged in the new school year. All members of A-School were eager to meet the new faces again on 2 September!