23 September, 2019


<<Design project for STEAM Lab of Primary Division>>

The STEAM Lab in PS Division has been given a facelift! Equipped with new technology and devices, the Lab now becomes smarter inside out. Over the summer holiday, our school collaborated with an artist to renovate the STEAM Lab. CHEUNG Sui Lun Colin, who is promoted to Grade 7 this September, helped out the artist with the design project during the whole process. Moreover, we were proud to see big brothers and big sisters from the Senior Visual Arts Team working hand-in-hand with their younger counterparts from the Junior Visual Arts Team to beautify the over 23-metre-long STEAM corridor. The contribution from more than 25 students was highly appreciated.

To tie in with the school's annual theme “Flourish from me to WE" which focuses on "Well-being" and "Empathy", members of VA teams contributed to the school by caring for others and providing positive input into the mural painting with applications of elements learnt in STEAM lessons, including book character design, blueprints, SCRATCH, App Inventor and many more. Hope everyone could recognize and appreciate the unspoken effort of the people behind the scenes while having wonderful lesson time at the refurbished STEAM Lab.

Student reflection from G4 TAM Sin Man Cherry and G4 TAM Nga Man Jessie:

After painting the wall, I felt really proud. This was a good chance to develop my skills when I cooperated with my VA teammates and took care of the younger schoolmates from the Junior VA Team. I want to thank my teachers for teaching me the practical painting techniques. This is a memorable experience and I will never forget it.

Student reflection from G6 CHOW Yik Tung:

These two days were unforgettable days for me. It was so fun to paint on a wall with my teammates. Sometimes, we messed up. We accidentally painted out of the line but eventually we all calmed down and used white paint to correct our mistakes. I never did an artwork as large as this and I am looking forward to more exciting experience in the future.