20 November, 2019


<<Wild Wisdom Quiz (WWQ)2019 – Hong Kong>>

To enhance knowledge of nature and nurture students to become global citizens with an ecological ethic of care, all G4 to G6 students took part in the heat of the "Wild Wisdom Quiz (WWQ)2019", jointly organized by HKEdCity and World Wildlife Fund (Hong Kong), at school in October.

With the outstanding results in the heat, A-School gained a place in the Top Five Finals. Out of over 2,350 students in the heat, 24 of our students were selected to enter the Final as A-School’s representatives. In the final, our students showed a broad range of knowledge in ecosystem, landscape, environmental science and conservation.

A-School is pleased to announce that we were named the 2nd Runner-up among 30 primary schools in Hong Kong. We were impressed by the students’ dedication and teamwork in the event and we hope that all the participants have found a passion for wildlife and nature along the way.