13 December, 2019


<<G1 Experiential Learning Days>>

During Term 1 assessment period, our first graders successfully completed three-day Experiential Learning whose objective was to engage their young minds in learning through hands-on activities and tasks mirroring real-life experiences in STEAM, Music, Reading, and Science in a collaborative manner. Being given room for learning based on passion and interest, children generally went well beyond what was normally expected of them and we were very proud to see that students and parents participated wholeheartedly with enthusiasm in all activities.

Here are what a few of our G1 students said about Experiential Learning Days, “I felt so happy! My favourite activity was making the maze in the STEAM project because the maze was so long and I had a lot of fun crawling through it!” said Marcus CHAN and “I felt really excited as I enjoyed playing with my friends. In IS, we built a car and then raced it. I loved my certificate!” said Damon LEUNG.

A-School is enormously grateful for parents’ tremendous support. Parents’ words of appreciation and messages from the gigantic thank-you cards melted our hearts!