21 January, 2020


<<Music Achievements of Primary Division>>

Aesthetic development plays a key role in students’ personal growth. Various platforms and ample opportunities are provided for students to unleash their potential in A-School. Demonstrating school’s spirit of Striving for Excellence, we are proud to announce that our students have achieved outstanding results in the area of music.

G4 LAM Lok Ching Haylee and her sister G5 LAM Lok Yi Chloe were awarded the Champion in Flute Solo and the 1st runner-up in Piano Solo respectively at the Tokyo International Youth Music Competition 2019 in Japan. The competition aims to promote music, culture exchanges and development of young talent. The Lam sisters’ performances were very encouraging and brilliant.

Meanwhile, Wesley SHAM, who was our G5 student in the school year of 2018-19, is performing around the world as a member of the reputed Vienna Boys Choir. His talent in singing has flourished with full support from school and his family since he found his passion for music in the early years of his childhood with us. Well done Wesley, we wish you continue to shine in your music journey as a devoted vocalist with heart-touching performances.