28 February, 2020


<<Live Reading Lessons and Live Life Education Lessons of Primary Division>>

With concerted effort from our teachers and great support from our parents, our Live Lessons provide students a holistic weekly learning programme that includes not only academics but also other important aspects such as music, physical education, visual arts, STEAM, reading and life education.

Reading is the backbone of our primary school curriculum and to that effect, we have been conducting Live Reading Lessons through Zoom for each grade. Students have been super-engaged and excited about their reading lessons with Maths stories, Chinese and English stories and our Battle of the Books novels. Our teachers too have been absolutely delighted about conducting these Live Reading Lessons.

Value education is another essential element of our curriculum, and we have been conducting Live Life Education Lessons through Zoom. The lessons primarily focus on elements of positive education including building up character strengths such as gratitude and self-control. In the lessons, teachers guide students in learning life skills such as time management, handling household chores and helping out, as well as building up strong morals through Bible stories.

We are so pleased that students enjoy our online learning programmes. Here are some feedbacks from them: “The ability to appreciate make us and others happier! “, “Thank you for teaching me with heart!”, “Thank you so much to all teachers and my family. I’m a good helper now.” & “Thank you for the bible stories and the life education lessons.”

Together, A-Schoolers continue to thrive!