30 March, 2020


<<Common Sense School Certification>>

A-School is delighted to announce that we have received recognition and certification as a Common Sense School. This honour is provided by Common Sense Education which is a US based leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping students and teachers thrive in the world of media and technology. The certification recognizes our effort in engaging the school community consisting of students, teachers and parents in implementing a digital citizenship curriculum.

A-School has demonstrated our commitment towards a whole-school approach in preparing our students exploring the immense potential of the digital world at the same time taking precaution against the perils that exist in the virtual world through knowledge of digital citizenship.

Training sessions with teachers composed of discussion of concepts and preparation of materials were held in late August. In early September, a parent forum was conducted about topics such as media balance in the family and setting expectations of healthy use of device/operation system at home. A carefully structured digital citizenship curriculum was implemented in all six grades of primary school by class teachers, who presented and discussed age-appropriate content such as media balance and cyber bullying through a variety of activities.