17 July, 2020


<< Heartwarming reply from Professor Sung and healthcare staff >>

Apart from academic excellence, A-School has always placed emphasis on value education, especially on nurturing gratitude and appreciation among students. After school resumption since end May, Ian POON, the Chairperson of Student Union of Primary Division, wrote to Professor Joseph J Y SUNG to thank him and all the medical staff for making class resumption possible. Ian expressed his joy of seeing his classmates and teachers again after a prolonged period of class suspension. He also took the opportunity to thank Professor Sung for recording a video to encourage our student leaders at the Inauguration Ceremony in November 2019. Ian invited his classmate G5 Winus CHEUNG to pay tribute to Professor Sung and medical staff in Hong Kong with her drawing.

It is our pleasure to receive Professor Sung’s formal reply. In his letter, he thanked the students for the encouragement and shared the medical staff's worries about the recurrence of the coronavirus. Besides sending us his best wishes, he also hopes that he and our students will cross paths in the future and that they will one day become leaders in society, bringing love and hope to humanity. Feedback from medical staff was also received in recognition to our students’ tribute to all unsung heroes during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong.