27 October, 2020


<<Reading Events >>

Following the resumption of face-to-face class, A-School’s library is going to launch a series of reading activities to cultivate students’ interest of reading. They include "Read with Me" which involves the participation of all teachers in the Primary Division to share interesting books with students during passing time and recess, "Magazine Marathon" that encourages children to read the latest children's magazines in the class and broaden their knowledge, “Creative Writing Competition” to showcase the creativity of students, “Reading Newsletter” which provides a platform for parents and children to get the latest information related to reading and share their reading experiences, and last but not least “Reading Day”, the annual biggest gala to celebrate reading where a “Battle of Book” competition and other activities will be hosted to allow children to experience the joy of reading through fun games and activities.

In A-School, whether in the classroom, corridor, reading center, or library, we can see our students reading books attentively. "Reading enriches the mind", we hope all A-Schoolers can gain knowledge and energy from books in the new school year!