27 Sep 2017
New Science Lab, Biology Lab & Geography Room

The new GCE Science Laboratory specially designed to fit the GCE curriculum has been established. The lab features a 70" widescreen television which supports AirPlay and high-definition visualizing, newly purchased and designed island tables with a refreshing white surface, and standard facilities including safety equipment and audio equipment leveled to a higher standard. Up to 40 students can have their practical session in this new GCE Science laboratory at the same time.

To facilitate the establishment of the new GCE Science Lab, the Biology lab has been relocated and gone bigger than before. The Endangered Species Exhibition, which allows students and visitors to take a closer look at the specimen of endangered species, will soon be set up at the rear end of this lab to promote environmental protection.

The Geography Room was relocated to the 4th floor. It is a spacious and comfortable place with various geotechnical tools and rock specimens for students to acquire professional geographical knowledge. There are many maps and attractive pictures on the walls such as the 3D Hong Kong map, the climate map and some interesting international news related to geography.

We hope that students will like and learn better with the new facilities.