12 Dec 2017
Humanities Week 2017-2018

Humanities Week 2017-2018 was held from November 27 to December 1, 2017. The theme of this year was ‘The Sky Operation - Beneath the Infinity’. Different Humanities subjects made board displays and set up game booths to highlight the important processes that are being carried out in our sky. The highlight of the event was certainly the Grade 7 Integrated Humanities Mini-task Display. This year, there were 70 pieces of quality models made by our Grade 7 students. The climax of the Humanities Week was the Inter-chamber Knowledge Quiz (G7-11). Questions covered the content of the board displayed during the Humanities Week and other Humanities related matters. The results are as follows:

Champion: Einstein
1st Runner-up: Columbus
2nd Runner-up: Da Vinci

Through the activities, we hope our students could gain more knowledge about the sky in a self-directed way.