15 Dec 2017
Liberal Arts cum Liberal Studies Week 2017-2018

Critical thinking is crucial and non-replaceable to deal with the new challenges that come up in the ever-changing world. Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies are exactly the subjects focusing on this by building up students’ independent mind for establishing arguments and evaluating evidence.

The Liberal Arts cum Liberal Studies Week was the first academic week of A-school this year. Different kinds of activities were carried out for students to enhance their understanding on current issues and exercise their critical thinking skills.

In the Chamber Debate, the student representatives from different chambers debated on the motion whether the Hong Kong Government should introduce the Value-Added Tax. Both teams demonstrated their high analytical skills and deep understanding of this issue and presented concrete evidence to defend and support their stance.

In the Fun Fair, students got the golden chance to experience community poverty deeply by sleeping in a real caged home, picking up cardboards all around the campus, and witnessing poverty of Sham Shui Po by using AR technique. After the experience, some students said they could not imagine there are people living in such a standard in Hong Kong.

In the Knowledge Quiz Competition, junior grade representatives from 5 chambers were eager to attempt different questions on current affairs. Many students came to support their chambers and the atmosphere was very good.