8 Jan 2018
Elite Training Camp 2017-18

Every year, an Adventurous Elite Training Camp is held to provide leadership development opportunities to a batch of student leaders from the Student Union, Chambers, and other Leadership & Services Programmes. This year, 28 of our student leaders joined a four-day wild adventurous training camp. Programmes include an introduction to leadership skills, team building games, water activities, high events and reflections. Through different tasks, students made a personal breakthrough and learned to understand and overcome their weaknesses. Besides, they enhanced their communication and coordination skills and most importantly realized the importance of teamwork. The qualities of being a good leader were sharpened.

G9A Chow Geoffrey Pui Tung
I gained lots of precious experience and learnt the characteristics of being a leader in the Elite Camp. From different challenges, every moment was indispensable and important. I knew my strengths and weaknesses. I have also understood the importance of teamwork, communication and cooperation from the activities. I want to say thank you to teachers who gave me the chance to have this valuable lesson.

G10A Au Toi Yan
“Be the change you want to see.” It’s one of the most memorable quotes my mentor has given me in these 4 days. Life goes on, and problem will keep on blocking our path to success like rowing boats through waves in the ocean. It causes us to change our routes unwillingly. But it’s our job to ensure that we stay on the right track, be brave and persevere, to change and improve the situation we are facing. Above all, the most important thing to do when facing challenges is to support our teammates. In this camp, I experienced the true meaning of team work and team spirit. We should not only support each other physically and mentally, but to do more when your teammates cannot do, lend a helping hand whenever you can. It’s always easier when there are people around to support and help each other along the way. It’s also important to build a positive vibe in the group, and allow teammates to feel less pressured. Always fight towards the same goal as a team with bravery, perseverance, positivity and never fear failure. This is what I have learned in the camp, and I hope to spread this message in the school.

G10D 呂頌恩
無論將來我與組員在學校帶領活動時遇到任何困難;或獨自一人遇上挫折時,我都會堅持下去,咬緊牙關。 也許遇上的困難與這次的完全不同,過程或許更漫長,但我相信只要付出多一份努力、多一份堅持、多一份忍耐,就能克服困難。

G10D 蘇詠心