March 5, 2018

Chinese Culture Day 2018


The Chinese Cultural Day was held on February 13, 2018. Despite the cold weather and the class suspension in the Primary Division because of the outbreak of influenza, students from the Secondary Division showed enthusiasm and enjoyed it very much. On the Chinese Culture Day, students were dressed in Chinese-style costume and participated in the activities actively. They went to School Hall to enjoy the performances of Lion Dance, Chinese Dance, Chinese Drums and Acrobatics first, then they went to Atrium for game booths. The game booths were really attractive. Students who were responsible for the booths shouted enthusiastically and canvassed for “business orders”. The campus was bustling with laughter and excitement. Students were so relaxed, and experienced the traditional Chinese festival by playing at the game booths wholeheartedly.

After the celebrations, all students paid effort to clean their classrooms and other areas of the campus in order to welcome the arrival of the Chinese New Year.