16 April 2018


Students’ Achievement - Scout Skill Competition, New Territories East Region


In March, several Scout members of Secondary School joined two competitions in the
New Territories East Region and got excellent results.

In early March, our scout members formed 3 teams and joined the Flag Raising
Competition. They won the 2nd Runner-up and the 4th place. In mid-March, they were
divided into 2 teams and joined the Scout Skill Competition. They competed in several
camping skills such as backwoods cooking, team building, knotting skills, etc. After
competitions for 2 days and 1 night, our teams got the Champion and the 1st Runner Up.

These competitions required students to have good skills in communication, decision
making and leadership. In order to prepare for the competitions, students had spent
several weekends to practise. We are so glad to witness students’ growth throughout the
competitions and hope that our students will continue to strive for excellence in future.