16 April 2018


Sports and Dance Workshop


Collaborating with Unlock Dancing Plaza, we have invited a group of artists from the
University of Miyazaki to give Jazz Dance Team members a physical expression workshop.
The tutors are actually sports students from the sports education department. They called
“Namstrops”, which is "sportsman" spelt backward. They developed a teaching method
to help students explore their body and movements artistically.

During the workshop, students got the chance to learn, think, discuss and create the steps, |
which was fun! In the video, you don't see perfectly arranged dances because there's no
rehearsal at all, but you can see students' experiments and happiness! That's the beauty
of learning - students take the active role in experimenting and learning.

Please watch the video in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7hYqUTdlY8