28 May 2018
Thanksgiving Week 2018

To foster a caring school culture and develop students’ sense of appreciation and gratitude,
Thanksgiving Week takes place in May every year.  

Held in the second week of May, the Thanksgiving Week 2018 concluded successfully.  Students
from each Chamber made a short video and set up booths at lunch time to promote the culture of
showing thankfulness to teachers, friends, staff and family members. The Guidance Unit also set up 
various booths, such as Free Hug, Instant Photos, Paper Plane Folding & Throwing, as well as
DIY Sand Bottle Chocolates and Friendship Bracelets.  Teachers and students could take the
handicrafts home or give away to others to show their love, care and gratitude. Besides, students
were encouraged to write thank-you cards and dedicate songs to teachers, staff and friends.