29 May 2018
Exchange Programme in Korea

A group of nine secondary school students took part in an exchange programme to Korea from
May 1 to 9, 2018.  In addition to attending classes in Wirye Hanbit High School, the students also
visited the famous landmarks of Seoul, like Lotte Tower Observation Deck, Starfield COEX Mall,
Bank of Korea, etc.

During the stay in Korea, each student was staying with a local host family to experience the
culture and life of Korea up close and personal.  The students also had an overnight trip with their
Korean buddies in Jeonju Hanok Village where they lived in a traditional house, Hanok, tried on a
traditional Korean dress, Hanbok, and tasted various Korean delicacies. 

The exchange programme allowed students to gain an in-depth understanding of Korean culture
and developed friendship with the teens there.