28 June 2018
The Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete Award

To celebrate G12 students entering a new milestone, the High Table Dinner for 2017-2018 Graduates was held on June 15, 2018. We were delighted to have Legislative Councillor Ip Kin-yuen to be our Honourable Guest.

High Table Dinner originated from the formal dinner of prestigious English colleges at Oxford and Cambridge universities with long years of history. Since the first banquet last year, High Table Dinner has become A-School’s unique culture to celebrate G12 students entering a new page of life and cultivating their sense of belonging and unity.

In the dinner, Honourable Ip gave a speech and sent the best wishes to all the G12 students. After the delightful dinner, a casual yet decent prize presentation ceremony was held to recognise the students’ achievements in various aspects.

We hope that the bond tied between teachers and students will not break after graduation, but stay connected forever.