25 July 2018
Champion in the Unity AR/VR Competition

A game that took 4 months to design has helped our students win the title of champion and a
trip to Shanghai.  Organized by the world known real-time 3D development platform Unity, the
AR/VR competition aimed to encourage secondary school students to use the tool to create a
game or multi-media production with the application of the AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual
Reality) technologies in daily lives.

The team of four members, namely 7C LIANG Chun Yin, 7D LUONG Eden King Yin, 8A LUONG
Vallis King Hang and 9C LIANG Hau Kwan, stood out from the top 10 finalists on July 6, 2018 by
their innovative idea, together with a promotion video and team work.  They snatched the grand
prize of a Samsung Mixed Reality (MR) device, as well as a 3-day-2-night boot camp in Unity
Shanghai office where they can learn more about the R&D of mobile games.

AR/VR is one of the latest technologies widely adopted in STEAM education.  To keep abreast of
the trend, our school’s STEAM Lab has installed a number of AR/VR devices to arouse students’
interest in STEAM learning. 

Congratulations to the students’ achievements and thanks for teachers’ valuable guidance and support!