30 July 2018
Dance World Cup Finals 2018 in Spain

The Jazz Dance Team (Secondary Division) with eight passionate dancers was ranked the world
11th in the Dance World Cup Finals 2018 held in Spain in June. 

For the first time in school history, our girls made themselves an eligible representative team of
Hong Kong in the finals of Junior & Senior Small Group Hip Hop, Street Dance & Commercial
Dance category to compete with other 32 teams from all over the world after rounds of keen
competitions including the Hong Kong Qualifying match and Asian Cup in late March.

The young dancers dressed in red and black costumes delivered a smooth and rhythmic
choreography mimicking the neat and fast movements of ninja.  The performance of heart
and soul earned them positive feedback from judges.  Though not taking home any titles, the
experience has been unforgettable to the girls and pushed them to go further in the dancing alley.

Apart from the competition, the team also joined the Dance World Cup parade in Sitges and met
different dancers worldwide.  The outing was also a Project Based Learning excursion. The girls
visited many cultural and historical sites and explored the Spanish culture and dance styles. This
eye-opening trip not only enhanced our girls’ dancing skills but also widened their horizon to
embrace cultural differences.