15 August 2018
The Main Round Offer results of JUPAS 2018

Following the remarkable HKDSE results obtained by the 2017-18 G12 students in mid-July, they, once again, made brilliant achievements in the main round offer of JUPAS. 96% of the qualified candidates received JUPAS offers, in which 80% offers were from top six universities in Hong Kong. Among them, 4% got the offer of degree programmes in medicine in the HKU or CUHK and 9% in Engineering in the HKU or HKUST.

The further study paths of the 2017-18 G12 students are diversified. A student furthers music knowledge at the Royal College of Music which ranks as the top institution for performing arts in the UK and Europe.  One who is fond of Chinese opera studies in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  One realizes the flying dream by taking an Aviation degree course at the University of New South Wales.  Three talented VA students are granted a scholarship to embark on design study in prestigious design institutes including USA’s Pratt Institute and Savannah College of Art and Design. Nominated by the Principal under the High School Recommendation Admission Scheme, a student starts the degree programme at the School of International Liberal Studies in Japan’s Waseda University.  A-School is the pioneer to enter partnership with this acclaimed, long-established university in Japan to launch the scheme in local secondary schools.  

The overall further study rate achieved 98%. Congratulations to all G12 DSE students on their success and best wishes for their adventure in higher studies.