21 August 2018
G12 Graduates Achieved Flying Colours in 2018 GCEAL Exam

Our first batch of international curriculum graduates achieved flying colours in the 2018 GCEAL exams.  Of all students, 62% obtained straight A (A*/A), and the percentage of A and A* were 75% and 45% respectively of the total number of entries. The remarkable performance allowed our students to fulfil the requirements of conditional offers granted by the top-ranking overseas universities earlier this year, including University of Oxford (Mathematics), Imperial College London (Biotechnology), University of Glasgow (Veterinary Medicine), University of Bath (Aerospace Engineering), University of Manchester (Civil Engineering), University of California, Davis (Chemistry), to name but a few.

Other fellow students were also admitted to top-notched degree programmes at overseas and local universities, for instance, Bachelor of Law (LLB), Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB), etc. in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The promising results brought by the students boosted the further study rate to 100%.

Congratulations to all GCEAL graduates.  We wish them all the best in their university studies.