20 September 2018
Alumnus of A-School awarded the Chief Ambulance Officer's Commendation

Good people, good deeds! Our alumnus (Class 2018) Joshua Kwan, who is now pursuing a bachelor degree programme in Politics and Public Administration in a local university, was awarded Chief Ambulance Officer's Commendation from the Hong Kong Fire Services Department on 13 September, 2018, in recognition of his big heart and great effort in saving a senior citizen from heart attack on the street. Joshua was awarded by the Kowloon City District Police Headquarters earlier this year. Congratulations again to Joshua for this high acclaim of his bravery!

A-School will continue to work hard in nurturing our students to put into practice universal moral values including dignity, kindness, respect, impartiality and the spirit of humanity in daily life and to make our world a better place to live.