2 October 2018
Students participated in Swiss Olympiad in Informatics Training Camp

Two members of the Centre for Gifted Education, KEUNG Tsz Shing and YAU Cheuk Nam Cyrus, were selected to participate in the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics (SOI) Training Camp in Flims, Switzerland to learn algorithms and competitive programming with Swiss elites for a week in the summer holiday.

At primary school stage, Tsz Shing and Cyrus were identified with exceptional performances in Mathematics and ICT.  With consistently review and assessment by teachers and education psychologist, Tsz Shing and Cyrus were chosen to skip grades from G5 to G7 and from G8 to G10 respectively after in-depth discussion with their parents. 

The Centre for Gifted Education is established with one aim in mind - to fulfil the potential of our students by designing appropriate curriculum and acceleration programmes.

During the training in Switzerland, the boys were given different tasks related to computer programming and had to find out the solutions themselves. They gave presentations to share their findings. It was a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn from the high flyers from different countries. In addition, they visited the Department of Computer Science in ETH Zurich, which is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics university in Switzerland. Apart from the intensive training on computer literacy, they also visited different mountains and lakes to enjoy the spectacular landscape of Switzerland.

SOI is a programming competition for secondary school students, emphasizing problem solving techniques and programming skills. Both students enjoyed the training camp very much. We will continue to explore every possible way to unleash the potential of our students to the fullest.