23 October 2018
Professional Development Day cum Symposium on “The School of the Future in the Digital Era”

A-School organised the Symposium on “The School of the Future in the Digital Era” on 20 October 2018 for school leaders to discuss the changing roles of schools and teachers in future.

The Symposium invited an education expert from Finland, Pasi Silander, as the keynote speaker to deliver a speech titled “How to Create the School of the Future – An Update of the Revolutionary Thinking and Design from Finland”.  Pasi, the advocator of phenomenon-based learning, shared his insights and experience in the areas of educational leadership and pedagogical transformation in the digital era with school principals from primary and secondary schools and our teachers.

The speech was then followed by a discussion led by a Panel of Commentators to exchange their instant feedback on the topic. The audience had a productive time of the interesting and stimulating discourse.

The day before the Symposium, Pasi led a whole-day lecture cum workshop for all our teaching staff on phenomenon-based learning.  While the pedagogy is prevailing in Finland, it is not yet common in Hong Kong as it focuses on transdisciplinary teaching and learning, one of the driving engines to prepare our learners with the 21st century skills.

Both events concluded successfully. Our teachers and participants were actively engaged in listening and responding to Pasi's sharing.

Teachers discover new knowledge and skills through continuous professional development so as to better meet the needs of students.  A-School always caters to this end and looks for new learning opportunities for teachers and is committed to building a professional learning community with schools that upholds the same mission and vision.


Panel of Commentators with Pasi Silander shared their insights on the keynote speech
Participants of the Symposium
Visit to the 21st 360o Century Classroom after the Symposium
Pasi Silander explained the changing roles of Finnish teachers in the PD workshop
Pasi Silander exchanged views on phenomenon-based learning with our teachers
Teachers in groups explored the pedagogy to prepare our students with the 21st century skills