5 November 2018
Hong Kong Youth Chinese Folk Culture and Art Exchange Programme

Forty students from G5 – G9 took the high-speed train from Hong Kong to Yunnan with teachers to participate in the "Hong Kong Youth Chinese Folk Culture and Art Exchange Programme” on November 2-7, 2018. They visited the Xishuangbanna to understand the culture and history of the Dai minority group, as well as studying its lifestyle, and characteristics of clothing and architecture.

Upon returning from the trip, students shared their learning outcomes and valuable experiences of visiting the Dai with peers and teachers in different ways, such as written reports, oral presentation, exhibitions, etc.

Since 2010, A-School organizes the programme for students to visit different Chinese minority groups every year.  Previous expeditions stretched across Shui, Tujia, She, Mongol, Zang, Miao, Naxi, Yi minorities, etc. We will continue to encourage students to learn the Chinese culture to broaden their vision.