9 November 2018
PTA AGM cum Running Stair Competition

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) held the Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum the Inauguration Ceremony for the 12th Executive Committee on October 13, 2018.  The Chairperson and members of the Executive Committee of the new term were elected and presented with the Certificate of Appointment at the Inauguration Ceremony.

Heartfelt appreciation to all the executive members and volunteers of the 11th Committee for their staunch support and contribution to the School.  We are sure that the PTA in its new term will continue to be an active stakeholder and maintain close communication with the School for the wellbeing of our children.

The opening ceremony of the Home-School Garden took place afterwards. Sponsored by the PTA, the Home-School Garden helps improve the campus environment and provide a green and cozy place for students and teachers to sit back and relax. 

After the ceremonies, parents and students formed teams and played games at the fund-raising Running Stairs cum Fun Booth Carnival. A total of HK$86,000 was raised and all of the donation will be allocated to PTA WeCare fund and School Donation Fund to support school's development.

Thanks to PTA for its unfailing support over the years.  Let’s work hand in hand to foster students’ growth and development.