21 November 2018
Movie Appreciation – Distinction (非同凡響)

The School organised a visit to the movie theatre for our middle school students to watch the inspiring drama Distinction(非同凡響).

Distinction is based on a true story which depicts how the children with disabilities pursue their dreams through participating in a musical production.  The leading actress Ms. Jo Koo (谷祖琳) joined our students as a special guest after the movie, sharing her experience as a discouraged music teacher who struggles between the professional and the personal lives.  Our students prepared questions for Koo and had a great time interacting with the actress to exchange personal views on the messages conveyed in the movie.

We encourage learning of social and humanity issues by means other than textbooks.  Movie appreciation is one of the thought-provoking methods to arouse students’ awareness of and reflection on various topics.   In mid-November, the school invited parents and students to join the film screening of Weeds on Fire (點五步) organized by the Shatin Festival Organising Committee and Shatin District Office to learn about Shatin history in the inspiring athletic movie.