22 November 2018
Winter Concert 2018 --- “Passion and Compassion”

A-School’s Winter Concert 2018 was successfully held in the historical St. John’s
Cathedral on November 22.

Over 280 students participated in this annual gala and showcased their talents in music in different genres, comprising classical music, contemporary music, church music, vocal performances, etc. ¬†Five special performers were invited to deliver accordion performance, piano solo, violin solo, suona solo and sanxian solo, making the gig more remarkable. Our talented students and special performers held the attention of audience who were fully enchanted by the melodic performance.

A huge gratitude to all PS and SS students for their superb performance and enthusiastic participation in the Winter Concert.  Special thanks to the acclaimed musicians including Zhao Taisheng (sanxian), Xia Boyan (suona) and An Ling (piano) for being with us as special performers. Their performances surely added colours to the Concert. Last but not least, a vote of thanks to all the student helpers, teachers and tutors for their support for organizing this fantastic event.