26 November 2018
Boys and Girls Overall Champions at the New Territories Inter Secondary School Fencing Competition

Our Boys and Girls Fencing Teams made a standout performance and brought an impressive medal tally of 8 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronzes (6 golds and 2 bronzes in the individual events, and 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze in team events) at New Territories Inter Secondary School Fencing Competition (2018-19) concluded last weekend.  With such a remarkable result, both teams were crowned the Overall Championship, which is a record breaking achievement in A-School history since the founding of the Fencing Team.  A great applause to the members of the fencing teams for their untiring efforts put into practice and determination to strive for excellence in the two-day competition. 

Individual Event:
Boys C Foil Champion – (Hui Yip Kiu)
Boys C Foil 2nd Runner-up (Ng Ting Wang)
Boys B Foil Champion – (Fung Cheuk Hei)
Boys B Epee Champion – (Tang Cheuk Yin)
Girls B Epee Champion – (Chow Ching Lam)
Girls A Foil Champion – (Wan Cheuk Hang)
Girls A Foil 2nd Runner-up – (Wong Yuet Chi Melody)
Girls A Epee Champion – (Lo Athena)

Team Event:
Boys Foil Champion
Boys Epee 2nd Runner-up
Girls Foil Champion
Girls Epee 1st Runner-up

Boys Overall Champion
Girls Overall Champion