27 November 2018
LA & LS Week 2018 – Secondary Division

The first academic week of this school year kicked off!  Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies departments launched the LA & LS Week from November 12 to 16 with the theme “Hong Kong Local Culture” to introduce the conventional surroundings from the LA & LS perspective with a series of fun-filled and inspiring activities.

The LA & LS Week was commenced with an energetic Lion Dance performance.  Various activities were held during the Week, such as the Hong Kong-style Milk Tea Demonstration, Quiz Competition, Debate Competition, Crossword Puzzle Game and Book Fair.

For the first time ever, SS and PS Liberal Arts Departments co-organized the Middle School All Star Match to test our students’ knowledge on local culture, local history and Chinese traditional customs. Representatives of SS and PS put on a see-saw battle and PS came out better with 300-305.

The LS Debate Competition rounded off the LA & LS Week. Chamber Beethoven rivaled Chamber Da Vinci on the motion “Smartphone brings more good than harm to adolescents in Hong Kong”. Both chambers were praised by the three judges for their swift responses and extraordinary preparation.  Beethoven beat Da Vinci and won the Champion and its member G9 ZHANG Youyang was crowned the Best Debater for his splendid rebuttals. Congratulations to Chamber Beethoven for regaining the Championship after 2014. 

Throughout the LA & LS Week, students had a wide variety of exposures and learning opportunities both inside and outside classroom, and learned the Hong Kong local culture in greater depth.