28 November 2018
Korea Inward Exchange – Secondary Division

The inward exchange programme with the Korea’s Wirye Hanbit High School, took place smoothly from November 3 to 10.  Accompanied by two teachers, eight Korean students visited A-School and joined us in various learning activities. In order to let them have a better understanding of Chinese culture, they were taught Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese dancing by members of the Chinese Dance team.    In return, they introduced to our students the current k-pop culture.  The Korean students brought us tote bags with a silhouette of a popular actor named Park Bo-gum designed by their teacher as souvenirs.

During the exchange period, the Korean students were warmly received by A-School host families who arranged lots of special programmes to give them a taste of Hong Kong's glamour from different perspectives.  They went to different tourist attraction spots, such as Mong Kok, Victoria Harbour, Tai O, Ngong Ping 360, etc. The exchange brought an unforgettable and fruitful experience to the Korean students on the one hand, and provided an opportunity to our students to gain friendship and develop a caring mind on the other.   The programme did allow students of both schools to understand more about the life and culture of each other.