6 December 2018
The World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions

Following the good result achieved in the World Scholar’s Cup - Global Round competition held in Australia in August, members of the Centre of Gifted Education qualified for the Tournament of Champions competed with the scholars from 58 countries in Yale University, USA from November 12 to 22.

After months of preparation, the team of five composed of IP Hei Yeung Ethan, KWOK Ho Wang Clement, LEUNG King Hei Lucas, LIN Wing Tung and LIU Zirui, battled against 1,200 fellow scholars from all over the world, which was the largest ever round of the tournament. With tremendous input and effort, our students received Honor medals in Team Debate and Team Bowl and obtained top hundred positions in various events.  It was also our honour that Clement was appointed to be the flag bearer of Hong Kong in the closing ceremony and Wing Tung was invited to perform in the talent show. 

World Scholar’s Cup is an international platform of academic exchange. It attracts students of all backgrounds to discover their strengths and master new skills with the aim to inspire future scholars and leaders. International schools in Hong Kong are not new to the competition. We are glad to send our students to new heights by taking part in the world-class event and let their talent shine through. A vote of thanks to teachers and coaches for supporting the students through their journey in participating the World Scholar's Cup and making the history for this high acclaim. We believe our students have great potential to achieve higher in academic and other areas. A-School will continue to inspire and motivate our students to believe in their dreams and to succeed with dedication and determination.