10 December 2018
Humanities Week 2018-19

The Humanities Week 2018-19 held in late November concluded successfully.   Co-organized by Integrated Humanities, Chinese History, History, B.A.F.S., Economics and Geography departments, the Humanities Week of this year adopted “To Our Future - a better future with good health and better living environment” as its theme.
A series of activities and game booths with designated topics were arranged to let students learn more about traditional Chinese medicine, healthy living style and conscious consumption.  All were well received by the PS and SS students.  The ECO Café allowed students to make their own healthy meals received well response from students as they enjoyed their delicious DIY dishes very much. A special trip to the Sustainability Gallery of HKBU was also made for G7 to G10 students to help them understand biological resources, organic agriculture and sustainable consumption.  Last but not least, an Inter-Chamber Knowledge Quiz was held and the winner went to Chamber Beethoven. The Humanities Week provided a platform for students to learn how to cultivate and adopt heathier and environmental-friendly ways of living in order to protect our one and only one world.