20 December 2018
Inward Exchange Programme from Germany’s Stormarnschule Ahrensburg

The inward exchange programme with Stormarnschule Ahrensburg, a secondary school in Germany, was held from November 22 to 29. Nineteen German students took part in the learning activities with A-School students.  To foster cultural exchange, Chinese drum and martial arts classes were tailor-made for them.    During their stay in Hong Kong, their A-School buddies served as host families and arranged programmes for them after school and in weekend. 

In the last day of the exchange programme, a Mini Concert was organized to bid the German students a big farewell.  The wonderful pair-up and group performances by both school students brought us an enjoyable and unforgettable afternoon.  The German buddies also gave wonderful Chinese drum and martial arts performances.   With only a few days of learning and practice, they played as one in terms of their movements, rhythm and high spirits. Their unity and team spirit impressed us a lot.  

Thanks for the holistic support from A-School students, parents and teachers. Students from both schools had a chance to explore different cultures between the two places in close contact.